Cooperstown Accommodations

Terms & Conditions

  1. Cooperstown Accommodations, Inc. is an independent contractor and functions as a reservation agency to secure accommodations for the traveler.
  2. Cooperstown Accommodations, Inc. is an agent for the lodging establishments it represents and is not an agent of the traveler, Cooperstown Dreams Park or any other park or attraction.
  3. Cooperstown Accommodations shall not be held liable for postponed or canceled ball games, for any loss, damage, or delay due to transportation, accident, fire, strike, civil authority including the actions of state, county or local governments in restricting or forbidding the provisioning of accommodations, acts of God, cleanliness, maintenance and safety of accommodation or any cause beyond its control. Cooperstown Accommodations shall have no liability of any kind, whether (1) for breach of warranty, expressed or implied, including without limitation any warranties or merchantability or fitness, or (2) for negligence or otherwise in respect to any performance by Cooperstown Accommodations pursuant to this agreement. Cooperstown Accommodations shall in no event be liable for any incidental, special or consequential damages. In no event shall Cooperstown Accommodations� liability for any services performed under this agreement exceed Cooperstown Accommodations� fee for service.
  4. Unless the traveler notifies Cooperstown Accommodations upon arrival via phone or email of any claim he/she has with the lodging establishment, traveler has accepted the lodging establishment as is.
  5. The information contained on the Cooperstown Accommodations, Inc. website is provided to aid our customers in the selection of a rental property. The details relative to individual properties listed on our website are provided by the owners of these properties and verified by Cooperstown Accommodations by initial inspection.
    Cooperstown Accommodations does not control the addition or deletion of amenities provided with the properties listed on our website as these amenities are provided by the property owners. Cooperstown Accommodations is not responsible for any variation between the property descriptions contained on its website and the actual condition of the property at the time of check in.
  6. Properties are occasionally removed from our rental program on short notice due to changes in ownership or other choices made by the owners beyond our control. In the case of a confirmed reservation, you will be notified immediately and we will endeavor to find a comparable substitute among our other available rental properties.
  7. Cooperstown Accommodations does not accept credit card payments for final account balances. Final account balance payments paid to Cooperstown Accommodations via other means are directly transferred to the owner of the lodging establishment. Any claims relative to the traveler�s final balance payment must be directed to the owner or manager of the lodging establishment and not Cooperstown Accommodations.
  8. A $50 charge will be applied to any returned checks.

Cancellation Policy
  1. Traveler must call Cooperstown Accommodations and the lodging establishment to cancel a reservation.
  2. Reservation Deposits are nonrefundable unless Cooperstown Accommodations can re-rent the canceled week. If re-rented, the deposit will be refunded minus a $100.00 nonrefundable reservation fee.
  3. Final Balance payments are nonrefundable unless Cooperstown Accommodations can re-rent the canceled week. If re-rented, the final balance payment will be refunded by the owner of the lodging establishment, minus Cooperstown Accommodations fee for services or any pro-rated difference in the rental fee.

Occupancy Rules
1. All minor children must be accompanied by an adult at all times.
2. Traveler must abide by the maximum occupancy requirement of the lodging establishment. This includes all children except for infants in a crib.
3. Traveler is not permitted to bring team players to use the facilities of the lodging establishment.
4. Any increase in the number of people booked in the party may forfeit the traveler�s reservation. Consult proprietor with any change in numbers.
5. PETS of any kind ARE NOT PERMITTED in any rental property unless written permission is obtained from Cooperstown Accommodations.
7. Telephones are provided with a long distance block. All long distance charges must be charged to a credit calling card, collect or third party.
8. Furnishings MUST NOT be rearranged or removed from the property for use outside.
9. Travelers will be held responsible and charged accordingly for repairs due to their abuse and/or neglect.
10. Travelers will leave the lodging establishment in a clean and sanitary condition. All dirty dishes must be cleaned and garbage, trash and food must be removed from the premises prior to check out.
11. All keys must be returned upon check-out. Lost or non-returned keys are subject to a charge of $25.00 per key.
12. The aforesaid occupancy rules are supplemental to any written lease agreement between the owner of the lodging establishment and the traveler. The aforesaid occupancy rules are for the information of the traveler, and represent the minimum requirements of each lodging establishment owner for whom Cooperstown Accommodations, Inc. acts as a reservation agency.

Security Deposits
1. Security deposits are held by the owner or the property manager of the accommodation.
2. Return of the security deposit is dependent upon compliance with the Occupancy Rules and the Terms and Conditions contained herein as well as a satisfactory damage inspection.
3. The security deposit may be used to cover damages to the property or missing items resulting from your stay, late check-out charges, extraordinary cleaning charges, insufficient funds checks, lost keys, lock-out charges, etc. This deposit is not a waiver of our right to charge for damages in excess of the amount of the deposit.
4. Any dispute regarding damage or other issues that case the owner to keep all or part of the security deposit are between the owner and guest and will not be mediated by Cooperstown Accommodations.