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A Millstream Cottage
Start at $3100/session
“1” Triple Play Hideaway
Start at $2950/session
Marshmallow Acres Lodge and Guest Houses
Start at $9750/session
A Mountain View Manor House
Start at $2950/session
A Pine Row Manor
Start at $3900/session
Hurley Home II
Start at $1200/session
Lakefront Cottage
Start at $1785/session
181 Lakeshore Drive, Goodyear Lake
Blue Mingo Inn
Start at $7200/session
6098 New York 80, Otsego Lake
My Blue Heaven
Start at $1650/session
Glimmerglen Lodge
Start at $5100/session
520 Gllimmerglen Road, Cooperstown
Locust Lane Cottage
Start at $1295/session
170 Locust Lane, Canadarago Lake
La Selva
Start at $1850/session
890 County Highway 33, Cooperstown/Route 28 Corridor
The Armstrong House
Start at $2375/session
2087 County Hwy 22, Canadarago Lake
Alluring Water’s Edge
Start at $2850/session
Claddagh cottage
Start at $3000/session
2131 County Highway 22, , Canadarago Lake
Campfire Cottage
Start at $1400/session
Baseball Town Motel
Start at $1069/session
61 Main Street Cooperstown, Cooperstown
Maple Shade Villa Apartment
Start at $2200/session
4571 St hwy 28, Milford, Cooperstown/Route 28 Corridor
A Hill Top Haven
Start at $1700/session
214 Nersesian Road Hartwick, NY 13348, Hartwick
Fielder’s Choice Apartments
Start at $1350/session
Start at $4850/session
2366 State Highway 28, Oneonta
East Hill Road House
Start at $2800/session
A Hit at the Park
Start at $2100/session
 Otsego Sunrise
Start at $1950/session
Federal House
Start at $5200/session
Federal House Apartments
Start at $1950/session
A Whitetail Lodge
Start at $2200/session
The Losee House
Start at $5990/session
Whisk-A-Way Cabin
Start at $1250/session
Cloverleaf Farm
Start at $4200/session
1816 Hope Mill House
Start at $4000/session
1900 Vintage House Apartment
Start at $1200/session
20 Leatherstocking Street
Start at $2295/session
20 Leatherstocking Street, Village of Cooperstown
28 Cooper Cabin
Start at $3200/session
A Farm House
Start at $2700/session
A Farm House and Retreat
Start at $5100/session
A Retreat
Start at $2100/session
1945 County Highway 22, Canadarago Lake
Bass Cove
Start at $4500/session
Benson’s Overlook
Start at $1375/session
Blue Mingo
Start at $7200/session
6098 State Hwy 80, West Lake Road, Cooperstown
Start at $2850/session
110 Badger Lane , Otsego Lake
Breezy Hills Apartment
Start at $750/session
Camp Run A Muck
Start at $1375/session
2085 Cty Hwy 22, Canadarago Lake
Dandelion House Together
Start at $4200/session
4743 State Hwy 28, Cooperstown/Route 28 Corridor
Federal House Together
Start at $8900/session
4757 State Hwy 28, Cooperstown, NY, USA, Cooperstown/Route 28 Corridor
Start at $2400/session
2380 State Highway 28, Goodyear Lake
Maple Meadows
Start at $1750/session
Angel Hill Retreat
Start at $1375/session
290 Angel Ill Road, Canadarago Lake
A Meadow View
Start at $1710/session
484 County Highway 26, Cooperstown
Brookside Inn House
Start at $3500/session