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A waterfront rental on Otsego Lake lends way to unbeatable scenery and a peaceful setting along the shores of the largest lake in Otsego County. After a full day of baseball at Cooperstown Dreams Park, families and players can enjoy Lake Otsego's beauty by boating, sailing, fishing, swimming or visiting Glimmerglass State Park for a family BBQ.

Cooperstown Accommodations' vacation rentals on Otsego Lake are located just north of the Village of Cooperstown, offering easy access to local attractions such as the Fennimore House Museum/Farmer's Market Museum and Village of Cooperstown attractions, including the Baseball Hall of Fame.

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  1. "R" Lake House
  2. Angler's Lodge
  3. At the Lookout
  4. Blue Mingo Inn
  5. Cottage at the Lake
  6. Deer Ridge Lodge
  7. Deer Ridge Lodge (3 bedrooms plus)
  8. EC Lodge
  9. Komeekha Cottage
  10. Otsego Sunrise
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