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Cooperstown Accommodations offers Canadargo Lake rentals along the shores of the second-largest lake in Otsego County. Historically known as Schuyler Lake, Canadargo Lake is located approximately 15 miles from Cooperstown Dreams Park.

Canadargo Lake vacation rentals are ideal for baseball players and families eager for outdoor adventures after a day of baseball at Cooperstown Dreams Park. Go for a swim at Baker's Beach, cast your reel and try to catch a few Walleye, Bass or Trout, or rent a kayak and paddle along Canadargo’s 10-mile shoreline. Our other waterfront rentals also offer abundant opportunities for exploration!

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  1. "A" Frame by The Lake
  2. Alluring Water's Edge
  3. Armstrong House
  4. Arrowhead Lakeside Cottage
  5. Big Willow
  6. Claddagh Cottage
  7. Lakeview
  8. Locust Lane Cottage
  9. Scerra Cove
  10. Soule Cottage
  11. Sunset View Apartment
  12. Sunset View Lodge
  13. Trolley Tie Point
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