Cooperstown Accommodations


1. Where is Cooperstown Dreams Park located?
Cooperstown Dreams Park is located 4 miles south of the village of Cooperstown on State Highway 28 in Hartwick Seminary. See Map.

2. What is the schedule of events for the week?
Tournament Week Itinerary This is a general guide. For an up to date schedule, please visit Cooperstown Dreams Park site.

3. How large is Cooperstown?
Cooperstown is a small village of approximately 2,000 permanent residents and swells to about 10,000 seasonal residents. We have 1 traffic light, a Main Street and many historical buildings and homes. It reminds us of a Dickens village and stepping back in time. Cooperstown is in the country, surrounded by green meadows, rolling hills, farms and plenty of fresh air. See Village Map.

4. How do I get around town?
Cooperstown Dreams Park has a shuttle bus for transport to and from the village. There are designated drop off and pick up points. You can also purchase a day pass for the trolley which will take you around town and out to the museums.

5. What's there to do?
Cooperstown is known as the Home of Baseball & Village of Museums for good reason.

The National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum stands as the repository of baseball's treasures and as a symbol of honor bestowed upon individual athletes. It's the red brick building on Main Street.

The Fenimore House Museum, an elegant 1930's Georgian mansion with terraced gardens overlooking Otsego Lake, is a showcase of American art collections and the new American Indian wing.

The Farmers' Museum and Village Crossroads is located across the street from the Fenimore House. Skilled artisans rekindle the traditions of 19th century rural New York - blacksmithing, spinning and weaving, broom making, woodworking and printing.

The village of Cooperstown and surrounding area have many nice gift and antique shops, baseball memorabilia shops and restaurants. Movie theatres are located in Oneonta.

6. Where can the kids swim?

Cooperstown is blessed to have a nine mile fresh water lake. It is the source of Cooperstown's drinking water. Glimmerglass State Park is located at the head (north end of the lake) and has a sandy beach and barbecue facilities. A good place for team barbecues. Calling in advance is a good idea. It's about a 20 minute ride from Dreams Park.

The Village of Cooperstown also maintains 2 smaller public swimming areas - 3 Mile Point, located 3 miles down the west side of the lake (past the Farmers' Museum and Fenimore House) and Fairy Springs located on the east side of the lake.

A nice idea for rainy days is taking advantage of a day pass to the Clark Sports Center which features a multiuse basketball court, racquetball and squash courts, an 8 lane bowling center, large swimming pool plus a separate competitive diving pool, Nautilus center (extra charge), aerobics studio (extra charge), rock climbing walls and challenge course. A day pass is $7 for adults and $3 for juniors under 21. Note: All juniors must have a waiver form signed by parent or legal guardian before using the facility. So make your plans accordingly!

Two other lakes in the vicinity of the Dreams Park are Goodyear Lake, located approximately 10 miles south and Canadarago Lake, located approximately 12 miles north. Cabin and cottage rentals are available with access to lake swimming.

7.  What is the policy for boating on the lakes? Each lake is different.  Crumhorn is motorless.  Arnold Lake allows motors at certain times.  Goodyear Lake does not allow boats, other than those for owners.

8.  What is a full bath?  A full bathroom is a bathroom that offers the traveler a toilet, sink and place to either shower or bath.  

9.  Are fireworks allowed?  No, we do not allow fireworks at the accommodations.

10.  Is smoking allowed?  No, our accommodations do not allow smoking.

11.  Are pets allowed?  We have a new Pet Friendly page which shows the pet friendly accommodations.